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Broad Spectrum CBD Oil 30mL – 2250mg

Experience pure positivity with our 30mL Broad Spectrum CBD Oil, boasting 1200mg of CBD. Our 1mL dropper delivers precision with every 40mg dose. Crafted with signature distillate specs: 85% CBD, 10% Minor Cannabinoids including 5% CBG, 2% CBC, 2% CBN, and up to 1% CBDV.



Experience the Ultimate in CBD Excellence

Broad Spectrum CBD Oil is the final touch.

Enter the realm of supreme CBD prowess with our Broad Spectrum CBD Elixir.

Unleash the complete potential of CBD through our top-tier distillation process, meticulously adhering to the standards of the US Farm Bill.

Our formula, devoid of THC, proudly showcases an impressive CBD potency and a genuine, extensive spectrum of lesser-known compound, rendering it the prime choice for your voyage to holistic positivity.

Prominent Characteristics

30mL Vial: A substantial volume ensuring enduring usage.

2250mg CBD: A potent and efficacious supplement for your welfare.

Distinctive Distillation Particulars

85% CBD: An elevated concentration for maximum positive advantages.

10% Lesser-Known Cannabinoids: Unlock the potential of CBG, CBC, CBN, and CBDV.

5% CBG: Enhance your CBD expedition with this valuable cannabinoid.

2% CBC: Recognized for its potential positive effects.

2% CBN: Induces tranquility and serenity.

Up to 1% CBDV: An uncommon cannabinoid with prospective positivity attributes.

Supreme-Quality Constituents: We procure our hemp from reputable US cultivators, guaranteeing the utmost quality in our CBD product.

Comprehensive Spectrum Mixture: Encounter the entourage effect through a diverse array of advantageous cannabinoids.

Free from THC: Rest assured that our CBD elixir is devoid of THC, ensuring you experience the advantages without any psychoactive influences.

Tailored Dosage: Our convenient pipette offers precise and effortless dosing, adapting to your individual requisites.

Uncover the Potency of Cannabinoids

CBD (Cannabidiol): Renowned for its potential to foster relaxation, stress reduction, and overall positivity.

CBG (Cannabigerol): May harbor anti-inflammatory attributes and contribute to a sense of tranquility.

CBC (Cannabichromene): Believed to possess analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects, promoting discomfort alleviation.

CBN (Cannabinol): Encourages relaxation and restfulness, promoting a perfect peace.

CBDV (Cannabidivarin): A scarce cannabinoid with potential positive merits.

Our Broad Spectrum CBD Elixir stands as a natural substitute for those in search of solace and equilibrium in their lives.

It is the moment to seize control of your odyssey towards positivity and immerse yourself in the transformative potential of CBD.

Join the multitude of individuals who have embraced CBD’s capacity to lead more content, healthier lives.

Secure your Broad Spectrum CBD Oil today and initiate a novel chapter of positivity.

Your expedition toward vitality begins here.

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