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THCa Black Runtz Potency Pack

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Experience The Ultimate With THCa Potency Pack

The THCa Black Runtz Potency Pack is here to redefine your smoking experience.

Packed with 3.5 grams of fresh THCa Flower and a perfectly rolled 1-gram preroll, this pack is designed for both those who prefer the art of joint rolling and those who love the convenience of a ready-to-smoke preroll.

What’s Inside the THCa Black Runtz Potency Pack?

3.5gr Fresh THCa Flower

Our pack includes top-tier, handpicked THCa flowers cultivated with the utmost care.

We pride ourselves on maintaining high standards in the cultivation process, ensuring that each flower is rich in flavor and potency.

1gr Perfect Preroll

For the aficionados who appreciate a well-crafted preroll, our pack boasts a perfectly rolled 1-gram joint.

This preroll guarantees a consistent, potent smoking experience every time.

High Standards of THCa Flowers

Our commitment to quality begins at the cultivation stage.

We employ the latest cultivation practices to ensure that every THCa flower meets our stringent quality control measures.

This dedication guarantees a consistently superior product for our customers.

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