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THCP Grape Buddha Bear/ Infused With Delta-9 + Delta-8/ 100mg Per Gummy Bear

Introducing the first 1000 mg gummy in the USA!

THCP Grape Buddha Gummies/ 10mg each – Infused with Delta-9 and Delta-8 THC.

Each jar holds 10 expertly crafted gummies, ensuring an extended, high-potency experience.

Choose from our selection of delectable flavors.




Find The Best THCP Gummies At CBDFLEX!

Discover the power of THCP Grape Buddha Bear, a compelling fusion of Delta-9 and Delta-8 THC that promises a sensational journey with every bite.

In each jar, discover 10 tasty potent gummies, each packing a punch at 100mg.

Enjoy the best THCa offering with the high potency and impeccable standards of these USA-made delights.

Product Details

Quantity: 10 pieces per jar

Potency: 100mg per gummy

Made In: USA

Advantages of THCP Gummies

Precise Potency for Personalized Experience

THCP Grape Buddha Bear infused with D9 and D8 is carefully dosed at 100mg per piece, offering precise potency for those seeking a tailored and controlled THC experience.

Whether you’re a seasoned enthusiast or a newcomer, the consistent potency ensures a reliable and enjoyable journey.

Natural THCP joy supplements

With 10 expertly crafted gummies in each jar, our product ensures an extended and delightful experience, making it perfect for various occasions.

The high potency allows you to indulge in a little or a lot, depending on your desired level of elevation.

The Delta-9 + Delta-8 Mixture

Our gummies are designed for discerning individuals who appreciate the artistry behind premium THC-infused treats.

The blend of Delta-9 and Delta-8 THC showcases the expertise of our craft, ensuring a sophisticated and satisfying experience for connoisseurs.

High-Grade THC Gummies

We take pride in upholding the highest standards in the industry.

From sourcing ingredients to final production, our commitment to quality shines through in every gummy.

The effectiveness is not just our saying; it reflects our dedication to delivering excellence in every bite.

Variety of Best THCP Gummy Flavors

Find the best taste with our wide variety of flavors.

From the rich essence of grapes to other delightful options, our gummies cater to diverse taste preferences.

The potency enhances the flavor experience, creating a harmonious blend of taste and elevation.

THCP Gummy Delivery USA

Embrace the confidence that comes with knowing your THC experience is crafted in the USA.

Our gummies embody the essence of American quality and excellence.

The potency is a testament to our commitment to providing an elevated experience that meets the highest standards of excellence.

Why Choose Our Gummies?

High Potency THCP

Our Gummies offer an extraordinary experience with each 100mg gummy.

Uncompromising Standards 

Designed perfectly, our gummies meet the highest quality benchmarks.

Wide Flavor Spectrum Of THCP

Browse from a collection of flavors with our diverse range.


Each gummy bursts with the tangy essence of fresh lemons, creating a delightful citrus symphony that invigorates your senses.

Sour Apple

The perfect balance of tartness and sweetness, these gummies deliver a tangy temptation that adds an exciting twist to your THC-infused indulgence.


Experience the elegance of citrus with our Tangerine THCP Buddha Gummies.

Each gummy captures the essence of ripe tangerines, offering a harmonious blend of sweetness and tanginess.


Packed with the succulent flavor of ripe blueberries, these gummies deliver a burst of berry goodness in every chew.

Blue Raspberry

For a fusion of flavors, our Blue Raspberry THCP Buddha Gummies are a must-try.

Combining the sweet allure of blueberries with the tartness of raspberries.


Savor the sweetness of summer with our Cherry THCP Buddha Bear.

Each gummy is a serenade of sweet cherries, providing a delightful and nostalgic flavor.


Enjoy the juicy and irresistible allure of our Strawberry THCP Buddha Gummies.

It is bursting with the flavor of ripe strawberries.

Mixed Fruit

For the ultimate flavor exploration, opt for our Mixed Fruit THCP Buddha Gummies.

This assortment combines the best of various fruits, delivering a symphony of flavors in every jar.


How long do THCP edibles take to kick in?

Effects may take 30 minutes to two hours to onset, as the body needs time to digest and metabolize the compounds.

What are the potential side effects of THCP edibles?

Common side effects include dry mouth, red eyes, increased heart rate, and altered cognitive function.

Can you overdose on THCP edibles?

While there’s no known lethal dose, overconsumption can lead to unpleasant side effects, emphasizing the importance of following recommended dosages.

Can THCP edibles be used for treatment purposes?

Research is ongoing, and individuals should consult healthcare professionals before using THCP edibles for potential positive effects.

Are there age restrictions for purchasing THCP edibles?

Age restrictions for purchasing THCP edibles typically align with local regulations on hemp-derived products, often set at 21 years old.


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