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THCa White Truffle Potency Pack/ 3.5gr Flower + 1gr Preroll

Discover the constructive potential of our THCa White Truffle Potency Pack.

a precise blend of 3.5g high-potency THCa Flower and a 1g THCa Preroll, paired with a premium Indica strain.

Boasting 25.89% THCa and minimal Delta-9 THC, it offers natural way to manage discomforts.

Optimize your senses with nature’s precision.




Purchase The Best THCa Potency Pack!

THCa White Truffle Potency Pack invites you to the world of potent THCa with a blend of a 3.5-gram high-potency fresh THCa Flower and a 1-gram THCa Preroll.

This unique offering isn’t just another HEMP product; it’s a curated experience designed to elevate your senses and redefine your expectations.

This thoughtful combination ensures that whether you prefer the classic ritual of rolling your own or the convenience of a ready-to-go preroll, the THCa White Truffle Potency Pack has you covered.

Why Buying THCa Potency Pack?

What sets our THCa White Truffle Potency Pack apart is the inclusion of a high-standard Indica strain.

Our Indica strains are renowned for their relaxing effects, making them ideal for those seeking a soothing and tranquil experience.

The premium blend in this pack boasts an impressive 25.89% THCa and a minimal 0.21% Delta-9 THC, striking the perfect balance between potency and control.

The Potent THCa Preroll

With a staggering 25.89% THCa content, it’s a doorway to enhanced constructive potential.

Explore The Other Available strains

Beyond the THCa White Truffle Potency Pack, CBD FLEX presents an array of other THCa strains.

This diverse selection caters to a spectrum of preferences and ensures that every HEMP connoisseur finds their perfect match.

Purple Ice

Purple Ice unfolds with a delectable and fruity flavor, ushering in a gentle, euphoric elevation.

Red Velvet

In the realm of delightful berry nuances and tranquil effects, Red Velvet remains a sought-after strain for relaxation.

Chili Verde

Distinguished by its unique blend of spicy and herbal undertones, Chili Verde offers a truly distinctive experience.

Gelato 33

For aficionados with a sweet tooth, Gelato 33 is a delightful after-dinner indulgence.

Pink Lady

A flavorful and invigorating strain, Pink Lady continues to be a favorite for those seeking creative inspiration.


Last but certainly not least, Gelonade delights with its citrusy notes and pleasantly relaxing vibe.

Black Runtz

Adding to the ensemble is Black Runtz, boasting a sweet and spicy flavor profile along with a relaxing feeling.

Lemon Cherry Gelato

Completing the mosaic, Lemon Cherry Gelato combines zesty lemon and sweet cherry notes for a delightful and motivating experience.

Larry Hoover

Enter Larry Hoover, an enigmatic strain with a character all its own, promising an unparalleled journey with distinctive flavors and effects.

Space Junky

Introducing Space Junky, a cosmic addition to the lineup, offering an otherworldly experience with its unique blend of flavors and elevating effects.


Are THCa flowers and prerolls psychoactive?

While THCa itself is non-psychoactive, the decarboxylation process (like smoking) converts THCa to THC, potentially leading to psychoactive effects.

How should THCa flowers be consumed?

THCa flowers can be smoked, vaporized, or infused into edibles.

Start with a small amount and adjust based on individual tolerance.

Can THCa prerolls be consumed through methods other than smoking?

While smoking is common, some users explore alternative methods like vaporization or incorporating THCa-infused products.



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