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Delta-9 Strawberry Syrup Infused with Delta-8 and HHC/ 6oz, 1500mg

Indulge in the delectable blend of strawberry flavor and the soothing effects of hemp products with Sippin’ Strawberry D9 Syrup.

This 6oz syrup packs a potent punch with 1500mg of hemp-derived compound, including Delta-9, Delta-8, and HHC.

Whether you’re winding down after a long day or seeking a unique, flavorful experience, Sippin’ Strawberry D9 Syrup is your ticket to relaxation and bliss.


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Meet Our Sippin’ Strawberry D9 Syrup

Delta-9 Strawberry Syrup is not your ordinary syrup; it’s a delightful fusion of flavor and potency.

With a luscious strawberry taste, this 6oz syrup packs a powerful punch with a total of 1500mg hemp compound, including Delta-9, Delta-8, and HHC.

Crafted from the purest hemp, this syrup is designed for those seeking a unique and enjoyable experience.

Whether you’re looking to relax or explore the advantages of these three distinctive compounds, Strawberry D9 Syrup is the choice.

Unlock the sweet embrace of strawberry flavor while immersing yourself in the soothing effects of Delta-9, the mellow vibes of Delta-8, and the calming influence of HHC.

Sippin’ Strawberry D9 Syrup is the perfect addition to your relaxation routine.

Experience the synergy of these compounds in one delicious package.

it’s a sip of bliss, a dash of serenity, and a whole lot of flavor.

Delta-9 THC

This is the well-known compound responsible for the euphoric effects often associated with hemp.

Sippin’ Strawberry D9 Syrup contains just the right amount to offer a delightful sense of relaxation without overwhelming intensity.

Delta-8 THC

Delta-8 is gaining popularity for its milder, more subtle effects.

It complements the Delta-9, adding a layer of calm and tranquility to your experience.


HHC is another exciting addition to this syrup since It contributes to the overall sense of positivity and relaxation, making it the perfect choice for those looking to unwind and destress.

Why Choosing Our Delta-9 Strawberry Syrup

With Sippin’ CBD FLEX Delt-9 Strawberry Syrup, you can control your experience by adjusting your serving size.

Start with a small amount to gauge its effects, and as you become more familiar with how your body responds, you can tailor your serving to achieve your desired level of relaxation.

Whether you’re unwinding after a busy day, spending quality time with friends, or simply looking to explore the world of hemp-derived products, Sippin’ Strawberry D9 Syrup is a delicious and versatile choice.

Each bottle is a delectable invitation to indulge in moments of calm and bliss.

4 reviews for Delta-9 Strawberry Syrup Infused with Delta-8 and HHC/ 6oz, 1500mg

  1. Persly Lewof


  2. Yervan Felippo

    tasty and pure

  3. Verto Rey

    Every sip is effective

  4. Eric Dominico

    Absolutely loved it

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