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THCa Rapture #1 Flower / Hybrid/ Total 3.5gr

Pure delight THCa Flower Infused with Delta-9 THC, featuring the coveted Rapture#1 hybrid strain, totaling 3.5 grams of exquisite hemp goodness.

Offers a balanced blend of the calming effects of an Indica and the energizing properties of a Sativa.

In addition to Rapture#1, our selection includes an impressive array of strains to cater to your diverse preferences.

From the zesty Snax THCa to the dreamy Lemon Cherry Gelato.



Find The Ultimum Rapture#1 THCa Flower

Premium THCa Flower is a game-changer in the world of HEMP, and the Rapture#1 Hybrid strain is a shining star among the myriad options.

Enjoy a total of 3.5 grams of pure bliss in every puff.

The Power of THCa Flower

THCa, is the non-psychoactive precursor to THC.

The combination of THCa and Delta-9 THC results in a dynamic experience that causes euphoria, relaxation, and creative inspiration.

Advantages of THCa Flower 

Enhanced Potency

The synergy between THCa and Delta-9 THC enhances the overall potency of the HEMP, offering a more profound effect.

Unique Flavor Profile

The flavor profile of THCa Flower is a delightful mix of earthy and sweet notes, making each hit a sensory experience.

So get your Premium THCa Flower today!

A Symphony of THCa Flower Strains at CBD FLEX

Snax THCa

Known for its stimulating and uplifting effects.

Sour Guava

A tropical delight with a burst of flavor.

White Truffle

Perfect for relaxation and stress management.

Red Velvet

A smooth and calming choice.

Runtz ICC

A sweet and fruity experience.

Gelato 33

A treat for dessert lovers.

Chili Verde

A spicy and invigorating option.

Purple Ice

A relaxing and calming strain.

Pink Lady

Gentle and soothing, perfect for beginners.

Runtz OG

A delightful mix of flavors.

Black Runtz

A dark and rich choice for the connoisseur.

Lemon Cherry Gelato

A zesty and refreshing experience.


A citrusy burst of joy.

Space Junky

soothing and calming effects.

Each of these strains offers a unique journey, so take your pick and explore the diverse world of hemp.


Can THCa flowers be grown at home?

Growing THCa-rich strains at home is possible, but it requires knowledge of HEMP cultivation.

It’s important to consider local laws, space, and resources needed for a successful home cultivation setup.

How is THCa extracted from other products?

THCa can be extracted using various methods, including solvent-based extraction or mechanical methods.

These extracts can be used to create products like tinctures, oils, or capsules with precise concentrations.

Are there known allergies to THCa flowers?

While uncommon, some individuals may be allergic to HEMP or specific compound, including THCa.

If you have a known allergy or experience allergic reactions, it’s advisable to avoid THCa flowers and related products.

How do I calculate the dosage when using THCa flowers?

Determining the appropriate dosage of THCa flowers depends on various factors, including individual tolerance and desired effects.

It’s recommended to start with a low amount and gradually increase while monitoring your response.

Consulting with a healthcare professional can provide personalized guidance.


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