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Delta-8 THC Death Star Flower With Hash/ Indica/ 7gr

Delta-8 THC Flower, featuring the powerful Death Star strain, packs a punch with its 1300 mg Delta-8 THC infused with Hash in a 7-gram package.

This Indica-dominant strain offers deep relaxation and euphoria, perfect for unwinding after a long day.

Explore other notable strains like GG4 and Apple Jack, each presenting unique effects, catering to diverse preferences.


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What Is Death Star Hash Flower?

Delta-8 THC Death Star Flower, derived from Delta-8 THC, offers users a remarkable experience characterized by its potent effects.

This strain is known for inducing a calming and relaxing sensation, making it an ideal choice for those seeking stress management or relaxation after a long day.

1300 mg Delta-8 THC Infused With Hash Flower

With a composition boasting 1300 mg of Delta-8 THC combined with Hash, the Death Star strain packs a punch.

This unique blend provides a balanced and enhanced experience, catering to both recreational and constructive users.

Indica Properties and Advantages Of The Delta-8 THC

Being an Indica-dominant strain, the Delta-8 THC Death Star Flower offers users a soothing body euphoria, aiding in discomfort management and muscle relaxation.

Its Indica properties make it suitable for evening or nighttime use, promoting tranquility and peaceful moments.

Its potential positive constructive properties have garnered attention for managing stress, discomforts and promoting relaxation.

7gr Premium Hash Flower Package

The Total 7gr package of the Death Star strain is curated to offer users a convenient and optimal dosage.

Each gram is meticulously crafted to ensure consistency and potency, allowing users to experience the strain’s effects consistently.

Other Available Delta-8 THC Strains

Apart from the Death Star strain, a diverse range of Delta-8 THC strains is available, each with its unique characteristics and effects.

Apple Jack Delta-8 THC Hemp

Apple Jack is a delightful sativa-dominant strain with a sweet, fruity aroma.

It has energizing and uplifting effects, making it perfect for enhancing mood and motivation.

GG4 Delta-8 THC Hash Flower

GG4 is a hybrid strain that offers potent and genuine relaxing effects.

It can provide both physical joy and a calming, cerebral elevation.

Cherry Fritter Delta-8 THC Flower

This hybrid strain is a result of crossing Cherry Pie and Apple Fritter, crafting a unique and enjoyable hemp experience that captivates users with its aroma and effects.


What is a hash flower?

A hash flower is a hemp plant variety bred specifically for producing high-quality hashish.

How is a hash flower different from regular hemp plants?

The hash flower is engineered to have a higher concentration of resin glands, which are essential for hashish production.

How is hashish made from a hash flower?

Hashish is made by collecting and pressing the resin glands, also known as trichomes, from the hash flower buds.

What are the effects of consuming hashish made from hash flowers?

Hashish typically produces a more potent and concentrated euphoria compared to regular hemp flowers.

Can hash flowers be grown in home gardens?

Yes, hash flowers can be cultivated in home gardens using specific hemp breeding techniques and appropriate environmental conditions.


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